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Frank Wrap®

Frank Wrap est une alternative naturelle et réutilisable pour la conservation des aliments. Il garde votre nourriture fraîche plus longtemps et remplace le film plastique à usage unique.

De et retour à la nature

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  • Lübeck Bougie de Frank Wrap
    Lübeck Bougie de Frank Wrap
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  • Malena Bougie de Frank Wrap
    Malena Bougie de Frank Wrap
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  • Candy Light - 6 bougies chauffe-plat en cire d'abeille par Frank Wrap
    Candy Light - 6 bougies chauffe-plat en cire d'abeille par Frank Wrap
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    Prix réduit

De et retour à la nature

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Ce que les gens disent de Frank Wrap:

"I would highly recommend using Beeswax Frank Wrap as it does the job very well – it acts like a second skin to whatever you’re covering, the pattern makes it look cute and presentable and it’s plastic free! "

Super !!!
Très bon contact avec la vendeuse, je l'ai contactée par rapport à des questions sur le produit et elle m'a toujours répondu rapidement et aimablement.
Le produit est arrivé rapidement et j'en suis très contente !

Sarah, France

I was delighted to find these vegan “Frank Wraps”, made of candelilla wax, pine resin, fair trade jojoba oil and certified cotton. It's free of soy and beeswax. It’s just so pretty! I went on their YouTube and watched a video where they wrapped a lemon. I got really excited and hey presto cut a lemon and wrapped up the rest!  The stainless steel container I use doesn’t have a covering. Frank Wrap to the rescue! The thing is, it’s just so pretty I feel like using it all the time  Thank you so much Frank Wrap! I love it!

Mayayashodhara, Malta

I simply love using my Frank Wraps :D Food was fresh after a couple of days in the fridge. I received a set as a gift and now decided to purchase a couple more for my friends.

M. Bugeja, Malta

Such a simply an easy idea that works just perfectly! Great way to leave a good impact on our planet 💚 and also supporting small local entrepreneurs with vision is the way to go! Fantastic product!

Gosia Wojcieszak, Malta

I have been using Frank Wrap for the past couple of months and l am really really happy with it. In fact that's why l am reviewing it now, I wanted to make sure l was happy and satisfied with it.
It keeps my veggies fresh for days, it's easy to wash and doesn't smell bad. Well done Adriana!!!

Nikoleta Vartsaneli, Malta

Beautiful bee-wax wraps and easy to use. A good alternative to plastic wrapping. Easy to buy online and quick delivery.

Daniel Westerstål, Malta

Great product! Very easy to use, keeps food fresh and no need for plastic wrap anymore!

Kevin Liivamägi, Malta

I highly recommend Beeswax Frank Wrap!!! It is a brilliant and stylistish way to cut plastic waste!! in the past I used to avoid foil as much as I could but I still had to use it sometimes, nowadays with Beeswax is very rare that I use foil in my kitchen!!

Lui Savi, Germany

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